Ela Tom - a painter born in Poland in the early 70's.
In 1985-1990 she attends the National School of Fine Arts in Koszalin, then holds an internship of the scenography and implement decorations for the Dramatic Theatre in Slupsk.
In 1989, she is featured in a national poster contest.


She continues studying in Belgium, attending there since 1991, to several well-known ateliers and art schools.
In 1997, she is studying the old techniques of monumental painting in the prestigious Higher Institute of Painting, Van Der Kelen in Brussels.
In May 1998, along with other Polish artists she is invited to participate in the prestigious exhibition presenting and promoting contemporary Polish artists in Europe.
This exhibition is presented for more than a year in Poland, Belgium, and Luxembourg.


At the beginning of the new century, as a result of deep interest in new technologies, Ela Tom maintains dialogue between the different kinds of art. She deals with the composition of the Video Art-in, as well as photography.
Working with manufacturers studies, creates sets for commercials, while pursuing interior design projects in Belgium, Poland, France and Monaco.


Many years of experience, learning and exploration allowed the artist to develop her own unique style, and that since 1996 (the date of the first exhibition) meets with the approval of a great number of art lovers and demanding customers throughout Europe.

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